1. OrmeStudio's Avatar
    We are happy to announce that we released Galactic Pizza, an arcade puzzle game !

    The game is available on Google Play and Itchio!

    Galactic Pizza is a game that takes you on a journey to a galaxy not so far away. You play as an intergalactic pizza boy whose pizzas have been stolen by a band of hungry aliens.

    In this game, you must make your way through the aliens hideout and get back all your precious pizzas slices. But be careful, these hideouts are filled with tricky puzzles and dangerous aliens.

    Hope that you'll enjoy the game, and don't forget to share it among your friends !

    Screenshots :

    04-02-2016 07:34 AM
  2. dpham00's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing
    04-02-2016 08:15 AM

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