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    block puzzle adventure

    block puzzle adventure is a super-addictive brain teaser which is easy to learn.
    Enter the brain training and beat your family's and your friends' scores. Become an epic legend and the block puzzle adventure King while you crush high scores and climb the top of the leaderboards.

    - How to Play

    block puzzle adventure game requires players to strategically rotate, move, and drop a procession of Tetriminos that fall into the rectangular Matrix at increasing speeds. Players attempt to clear as many lines as possible by completing horizontal rows of blocks without empty space, but if the Tetriminos surpass the Skyline the game is over.

    - Features

    ◆ Game is free, no purchase required.
    ◆ Simple but challenging gameplay.
    ◆ Intuitive one-touch controls.
    ◆ many different Themes.
    ◆ leaderboard and achievement.
    ◆ Beautiful icons and sleek animations.
    ◆ Smooth user interface
    ◆ Music and sound effects
    ◆ Phone and Tablet support
    ◆ No Violence (Suitable for kids)


    google play link :https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...ksPuzzle&hl=en

    block puzzle adventure is completely free to play. Enjoy

    04-10-2016 07:28 AM
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    Thanks for sharing
    04-10-2016 09:24 AM

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