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    Run for your life!

    The setting of the game is set on a wild, wild, west place. You are a Luchador hero who is known in the town. One day, you tried to have a battle with a group a bull. Much to your surprise, you can’t really handle and defeat them. So instead of being a courageous Luchador, you decided to run and abandon your fight!

    [game][free] lucha dash and escape the stampeding bulls!-screenshot_2.jpg

    The Gameplay!

    Lucha Dash is an endless runner game where you have to escape the rampaging stampeding bulls running towards you. You have to avoid all obstacles on the road such as cactus, carriages, and rocks or else the game is over. Along the way, there are scattered Tacos that you have to get in order to fill your power bar to activate your Lucha Dash. Tacos can also be used to activate special skills such as Normal Dash, Score Multiplier and Mega Dash.

    [game][free] lucha dash and escape the stampeding bulls!-screenshot_1.jpg

    Pick up power ups!

    There are power ups that you can pick up along the way to make your user experience more exciting. Burrito makes you invincible and lets you destroy all obstacles. Riding the HombreBoard makes you go faster and lets you attract more Tacos. Double Score makes double your points per kilometer you run.

    Want to try it now? Here is the link.
    04-15-2016 03:00 AM
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    Thanks for sharing
    04-18-2016 09:14 PM

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