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    King Of Heroes is a mobile strategy game telling the Heroes war for seizing the world from hands of evils. In the King of Heroes, the players will take on the role of the human’s military leader – Speedy Hero - and control the soldiers with the battles of Heroes War between Tower Defense and Tower Attack

    King Of Heroes: A NEW TOWER DEFENSE!!!-20160415165726_e2478aa8-2e4b-4541-828e-ba8c0d3dae53.jpg
    King Of Heroes: A NEW TOWER DEFENSE!!!-20160415170203_13015586_477413349121508_4326125021584314466_n.jpg
    King Of Heroes: A NEW TOWER DEFENSE!!!-20160415170343_12993458_477413582454818_4412507664753222911_n.jpg
    King Of Heroes: A NEW TOWER DEFENSE!!!-20160415170505_13012596_477413255788184_1894189643637884954_n.jpg

    How to play:
    - The players have to control the farmers exploit the ore to buy the fighting soldiers and heroes.
    - When passing each level, you – the speedy hero - can unlock the next map and earn money to buy new soldiers and upgrade skills and their towers as well.
    - All things you have to do is just touching, pointing and dragging. Is it simple?

    King Of Heroes: A NEW TOWER DEFENSE!!!-20160415170539_12994566_477413449121498_4832504815768489768_n.jpg

    The players need to calculate the number of each soldiers kind carefully and which soldiers and heroes can defeat other soldiers or how to use the skills when defending and attacking the tower at the same time. Each level is different challenges and hero wars. The tower defense and tower attack are not repeated.

    King Of Heroes: A NEW TOWER DEFENSE!!!-20160415170736_13000338_477413185788191_7541560435545714696_n.jpg

    And those hero wars will not make you feel boring because you have to use your analytic skill to be a become a talented military commander put your heroes to the final victory.

    King Of Heroes: A NEW TOWER DEFENSE!!!-20160415170820_1918084_477413205788189_4941664270063510785_n.jpg

    Download King of Heroes to protect the humans and defeat the barbaric demons! Let’s become the defender and speedy hero to protect your tower and make the defense be easier than ever.

    King Of Heroes: A NEW TOWER DEFENSE!!!-20160415170932_12974549_477413369121506_6187440045137409760_n.jpg

    Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...esWars.Defense
    04-20-2016 02:36 AM
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    thank you for sharing !
    04-20-2016 11:31 PM
  3. karlhandley's Avatar
    Looks very good from the screenshots
    05-06-2016 10:28 AM

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