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    [Game][Free][2.3.+] Max Sum-ico2.png
    Do you like number puzzles? Max Sum is exactly what you need!

    Logic puzzles are games that don’t require any special knowledge; all you need is an ability to think logically. Solving difficult tasks is most valued by those who prefer intellectual leisure. There is a great variety of this type of games. And the most interesting among them are number puzzles; their main task is the correct placement of numbers on the playing board. These games require patience as they provide a great number of possible solutions. Max Sum belongs to this category and specially is adapted for Android.

    [Game][Free][2.3.+] Max Sum-en1.png [Game][Free][2.3.+] Max Sum-en2.png
    [Game][Free][2.3.+] Max Sum-en3.png [Game][Free][2.3.+] Max Sum-en5.png

    This exciting game suggests arranging numbers in the most efficient way. After loading the player can choose the opponent. It can be:
    • Android;
    • another player.

    The playing field is a square of 8x8 cells. These 64 cells are filled with numbers from -8 to 8 in a random order. The one player can choose numbers in horizontal direction (in lines) and the other – in vertical direction (in columns). As soon as there are no numbers left in a line or in a column the game is over. The main aim of the puzzle is to gain the maximum sum of numbers. This is an amazing brainteaser, which trains logical thinking and teaches you to work out offbeat strategies. Besides, Max Sum teaches you to make sums and find solutions quickly. Also it is a good choice for those who want to spend their leisure time in a productive way.

    Max Sum Features
    The advantages of the game are the following:
    • a pleasant two-dimensional graphics;
    • fast learning;
    • an easy intuitive operation;
    • unobtrusive sound which can be switched off.
    To sum up, it should be noted that number game Max Sum is an outstanding puzzle, which will keep you excited and your brain working. It suits both adults and children as it is entertaining and gives practice in doing basic math operations.

    05-08-2016 11:44 AM
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    Thanks for sharing
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