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    Welcome to the land of beauty! If you're a cool girl who enjoys playing “beauty games” in a beauty salon, you're at the right place! We have created the best “hidden objects game” for all fans of fashion, makeup, dress up, and manicure! Reveal the secret hidden objects in a “beauty parlour” by looking for lipsticks, hair brushes, nail polishes, combs, and perfumes! Download the best “games for girls” and enjoy finding hidden things in pictures of beautiful makeup salon, hairdresser salon, manicure salon, and many others! Hidden Objects Beauty Salon is waiting for you with its unique fashion story! Have a lot of girly fun!

    More than 1000 hidden objects to find!
    Amazing HD graphics – 3D environment!
    Text mode - good for kids for learning object names!
    Collect at least three stars to move on to the next level!
    Collect the maximum amount of points and beat the clock!
    Use hint system to find an item!

    [FREE] [NEW] Beauty Salon - Hidden Objects gone girly!-final.png

    Teenage girls get ready for Hidden Objects “Beauty Salon”! Enter our mystery beauty salon and get ready for free games for girls only! Beauty salon makeover with secret hidden objects is an excellent choice for all cute girls who like to beautify themselves! Discover hidden items in pictures of a stunning manicure salon, a fashion salon, and a makeup salon! If you like playing “hidden objects games” with lots of hidden things to find, you're going to love these “games for girls free”! Feel like a fun princess with your own beauty story while you look for hidden hearts, glasses, teddy bears, and hair dryers. Excellent “girl games” are waiting for a cute girly girl like you! Grab your phone right now and start playing one of the best fashion games ever! Hidden objects games free new just for you and for your fun!

    [FREE] [NEW] Beauty Salon - Hidden Objects gone girly!-bs_1_smart.png

    Enter the magical manicure salon and become enchanted with cute furniture and lovely colors! Find objects in a picture and be cool for school! Share free mystery hidden objects game with your schoolmates show everyone that you had the latest hidden objects games before everyone else! It's time for some makeup, cute nail designs, and awesome hair styles! Visit your hairdressers beauty salon and start looking for secret items in “hidden objects pictures”. Seek and find hidden things such as cute statues, towels, lotions, and perfumes in these excellent “hidden objects games for girls”! Free download beauty games and hurry up to win all the stars and unlock new levels! Hurry up with a salon makeover and find objects in a room! We offer you a chance to enhance your phone with so much sophistication and elegance! The best free full hidden objects game is waiting for you! “Hidden Objects Beauty Salon” offers you a chance to play a fashionable girl game which is at the same time educational and fun! Start playing today and see it for yourself!

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    Thanks for sharing
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    Glad you like it
    05-12-2016 03:54 AM
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    A new screen

    [FREE] [NEW] Beauty Salon - Hidden Objects gone girly!-eng-scr-1.png
    06-03-2016 06:09 AM

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