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    So i published my first game app couple days ago on the app & play store. The game is called Prism Break its an arcade plat-former themed space. It has an easy controls yet a hard, challenging and addictive game. I've been told this so far in the reviews. You can consider the game in beta its not fully done yet, i will add more and more features to it later in the future like more levels and shapes, even customization. Please feel free to download and check the game and give me your feedback. Thank you!

    Play store - https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...cit.PrismBreak

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    [FREE][GAME] Prism Break-appandroid.png
    [FREE][GAME] Prism Break-background02.jpg
    [FREE][GAME] Prism Break-02.png
    [FREE][GAME] Prism Break-04.png
    [FREE][GAME] Prism Break-06.png
    [FREE][GAME] Prism Break-05.png
    [FREE][GAME] Prism Break-07.png
    05-14-2016 06:31 PM
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    Please do not use url shorteners
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    05-14-2016 06:33 PM

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