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    Welcome to the mysterious garden full of hidden items! Can you find all the mystery objects scattered around this peculiar, yet zen-like place? Hidden Objects – Garden app is a new puzzle game for kids and adults, with a simple goal - “find hidden objects in a room”! With lots of beautifully designed levels and over a 1000 items to find, these “flower garden games free” are ideal for both kids and adults! Download one of the best “garden games” on the market and start working on your new mysterious case today!

    [NEW GAME] Hidden Objects Garden - Flowers for Nature Lovers!-gardenico5.png

    Are you a fan of “eye spy hidden objects” and “garden and home games”? We present to you a completely new collection of “hidden objects games for free” - Hidden Objects – Garden is a combination of classic “seek and find puzzles” and “free hidden objects mystery games” with a plot set in a peculiar zen garden! Can you “find items in pictures” and beat the ticking clock in one of the best “search games hidden objects” for kids and adults! Browse through all the corners of the fairy garden to find mysterious items – gardening tools, cleverly hidden gnomes, yummy food, garden ornaments and various other “hidden objects”! Grab your magnifying glass and become a renowned detective in you new mystery case - “look for hidden objects” in the garden of life! Collect all the stars to be the best in this “spot it hidden object game” for kids and adults! If you are a fan of “finding games of hidden objects”, you will definitely fall in love with these “garden escape hidden objects free” games!

    Seek hidden objects in a secret garden!
    Find items in pictures – can you tidy up your garden and make it a zen place?
    Make friends with the garden gnome to find all the secret items!
    More than 1000 objects to find!
    Use hints to get help!
    Amazing HD graphics – 3D environment!
    Lots of beautifully designed levels!
    Collect at least three stars to move on to the next level!
    Collect the maximum amount of points and beat the clock!
    Can you “find it”? “Seek and find hidden objects” scattered all around the “secret garden”!

    [NEW GAME] Hidden Objects Garden - Flowers for Nature Lovers!-1.jpg

    Train your brain with this zen garden puzzle game!
    Download Hidden Objects – Garden game and find yourself in the wacky zen garden full of mysterious items! Plants, food, tools, garden statues, flower pots – all of these hidden items are cleverly disguised in your new botanical garden! Play these “adventure puzzle games” to discover all the mysteries of the secret garden! “Hidden object games” are, besides being a fun pastime, a great way to improve your concentration and your attention to details! Focus around to try to find all the garden items in this “hidden objects games free download”! “Secret garden hidden objects” are waiting for you – hurry to the market and obtain your copy of Hidden Objects – Garden free 3D game today!

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    Thanks for sharing
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    More pics from the garden

    [NEW GAME] Hidden Objects Garden - Flowers for Nature Lovers!-2.jpg

    [NEW GAME] Hidden Objects Garden - Flowers for Nature Lovers!-3.jpg
    06-09-2016 05:20 AM

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