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    [FREE][GAME] 2D Hole-googleplaybadge.png

    Hello everyone,
    Today I am here to present to you my first game for Android devices, 2D Hole.

    [FREE][GAME] 2D Hole-screenshot1.png

    2D Hole is an addictive, simple and fun puzzle game.

    The goal is simple. You need to use your intelligence in order to fling the white ball correctly, so that it ends up in the black hole.
    Seems easy - but is it?

    The task gets harder as there are also barriers that you need to avoid. As you pass levels, more barriers will appear, and later on you will even face a Lava Block - touching it is an instant game over.

    [FREE][GAME] 2D Hole-screenshot2.png

    You will come across several Powerups at some levels - collect them to get various buffs!

    [FREE][GAME] 2D Hole-screenshot6.png

    You will also gather Coins that you can spend on extra ball flings!

    The game also features a Point system that never gets reset so that you can always monitor your overall performance!

    In addition, the ball's speed will reduce at a specific value whenever it touches a barrier or the screen's edges.

    2D Hole has a very user friendly graphical user interface and starting playing is a piece of cake that takes one or two seconds!

    Moreover, you get to play in a pleasant environment, with colorful backgrounds that change in every level.

    There are also fantastic and realistic sound effects that do make the playing experience even better!

    Additionally, vibrations are also there every time the ball goes into the hole.

    [FREE][GAME] 2D Hole-screenshot3.png

    Regarding the levels, 2D Hole has infinite. That means that nothing can stop you from being the best around and you will never stop trying getting a better high score.

    About each level’s difficulty, its random. That means that its not going from easy to hard as you go on levels. You could face a hard level 1 and an easy level 10. Its all about luck when it comes to what you will have to face.

    [FREE][GAME] 2D Hole-screenshot4.png

    For a complete guide about the buttons' and barriers' functionality and more, you can always head to the Guide page, by pressing the button at the first page.

    [FREE][GAME] 2D Hole-screenshot5.png

    Try 2D Hole out, either alone or with your friends, and see if you can beat them, or, if you can actually beat yourself by achieving new high scores!

    If you want 2D Hole without ad banners, and with a free second fling for every level, and if you want to support me and my effort, you can buy 2D Hole PRO for a ridiculously low price!

    2D Hole is made with the help of the MIT App Inventor.

    Obviously you might find some bugs. Please report them here.
    Also, tell me your opinions! I love getting feedback.

    I hope you like it!
    Thanks in advance.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    06-01-2016 04:39 AM
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    Thanks for sharing
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    06-01-2016 05:10 AM
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    Hello everyone,

    Time has passed and 2D Hole keeps getting better and better!
    In this period, two major updates came out, v4.0 and v5.0 [The Xmas Update]!!!

    Version 4.0 brought performance boost, bug fixes and various corrections and enhancements.

    Version 5.0 is the Xmas Update and brought an awesome snowish theme for Christmas and Winter!

    Update now through Google Play or download it now if you haven't yet!

    2D Hole

    2D Hole PRO
    12-17-2016 06:31 AM
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    thanks for sharing

    will try it
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    12-17-2016 07:57 AM

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