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    Welcome to messy grocery store! Are you ready for some grocery shopping? We have created a perfect “find the hidden objects” game especially for you! If you like going to a supermarket and creating grocery lists, this is a perfect hidden object game for you! Take your magnifying glass and become the leading mystery detective! Solve the hidden object mystery in the supermarket and show us that you can find objects in a picture easily! Download free “supermarket game” Hidden Objects Grocery Store and have fun playing it! Share this adventure game with your friends and find everything that is hidden in a picture of the grocery store! Enjoy!

    More than 1000 hidden objects to find!
    Amazing HD graphics – 3D environment!
    Text mode - good for kids for learning object names!
    Collect at least three stars to move on to the next level!
    Collect the maximum amount of points and beat the clock!
    Use hint system to find an item!

    [FREE] Hidden Object Grocery Store - A Shopping Adventure!-icon1024cop.png

    Hidden object games free new!

    Hidden Objects Grocery Store is one of the best “hidden objects and puzzle games” which will enhance your concentration, focus, and observation! If you like playing “grocery store games”, this is an excellent educational game for you! Discover hidden objects in a messy grocery store and earn as many stars as you can! Enjoy the beautiful graphics and intuitive touch screen controls! Look for a variety of fruits, vegetables, bread, and candies, and solve the mystery! “Search and find hidden objects” in beautiful pictures of different grocery stores and let the mania in a supermarket begin! Practice quick fingers and your detective eye in these “new hidden object games”! Enter the messy supermarket and look for objects that are hidden! This excellent time killer will provide you with hours of fun and entertainment!

    [FREE] Hidden Object Grocery Store - A Shopping Adventure!-level_3.jpg

    Hidden object games free especially for you!

    Enter the magical hidden object world and play the best “mystery games” ever! In our messy grocery shop you have to find items in a picture as quickly as you can! Hidden object supermarket game is suitable for kids of all generations as well as for adults! If you're a kid and if you like playing “supermarket games”, Hidden Objects Grocery Store will help you have fun and learn vocabulary! If you're an adult, these free hidden object games will be a real adventure for you! Find items in a messy supermarket and practice all kinds of skills! “New hidden objects” are here for you! If puzzle games are your favorite and if you like using learning apps, find hidden object games free for kids will suit your desires. These concentration games will bring you a sense of accomplishment if you find everything!

    06-06-2016 05:45 AM
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    Thanks for sharing
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    06-06-2016 07:16 AM
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    More from your favorite grocery store

    [FREE] Hidden Object Grocery Store - A Shopping Adventure!-level_5.jpg
    06-22-2016 06:28 AM

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