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    Where am I? ... What's happened here? ... Hey, there is somebody? ...

    But what if things will change one day?

    Download on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...dMemoriesQuest

    Exciting text comic quest will get you to the head in a tense atmosphere with a bunch of scary dead. Your main task is to survive at all costs in this apocalypse ...
    Choosing the storyline depends on you
    A lot of happy endings games and casualty losses.
    The time has come to test themselves for survival among the walking and crawling wild zombies.
    Subsequent updates will open the next chapter.
    For all questions and suggestions you can write on email: karategoosestudio@gmail.com
    Attached Thumbnails Dead Memories : Zombie Quest-512-512.png   Dead Memories : Zombie Quest-dm_gp_screen_1.jpg   Dead Memories : Zombie Quest-dm_gp_screen_2.jpg   Dead Memories : Zombie Quest-dm_gp_screen_3.png  
    06-09-2016 05:10 AM
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    Thanks for sharing
    06-09-2016 05:16 AM

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