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    Dear Android Users,

    I recently stumbled upon an awesome looking game that Gameloft will be bringing to iOS "soon". It is a World of Warcraft clone and I mean that in the truest sense. It looks, sounds, and has a feel to it just like World of Warcraft. The game will be called Order and Chaos and it just looks amazing and runs smoothly according to the video. The trailer can be located here;

    They currently only have plans to release it on iOS, meaning iPads, iPods, and iPhones only. Nothing for us Android users. I though this was a crying shame and so I wrote them an open letter on their forums. I am asking anybody and everybody who would like to support the movement of getting this game ported to Android to please head to the thread I created on their official forums and just post something showing that you would like to see it on our platform as well. Thank you all for your time and I hope we get somewhere with this.

    The thread I created for this letter can be located here;

    Click me!

    ~Varking of DroidGamers~
    03-18-2011 05:04 PM
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    If you don't want to sign up on their forums and still support the movement, you can sign the online petition I created here;

    Bring Order and Chaos to Android! - Petition Spot
    03-19-2011 08:27 PM
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    Just wanted to update people. Nik on the official forums usually just says thank you for the feedback and leaves it at that, and you can read all that persons responses by clicking pretty much any thread. The good news is that they didn't give me that response, they also added that they have forwarded it to their development team. So, it did not fall on deaf ears, lets just hope they take it seriously. Thank you to everyone who helped.
    03-21-2011 09:37 AM
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    I wouldn't be surprised if they're already working on an Android port. Android seems to be getting their big releases a few months after iOS does.
    03-23-2011 08:09 AM