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    A new game called Prime has been released me. Prime is a completely different take on puzzle games, it is like none other out there! The simplistic and colorful design is greatly complemented with a NightMode. The NightMode makes it easy on your eyes to play in dimly light rooms or at night. There is also a random level mode, which you can play if you get stuck on a level or you finish the game. This game also lets you take your time with puzzles, as there is no timer for levels, which makes it a relaxing and brain teasing experience.

    The game features 36 handcrafted levels, and there is a certain art behind each of them when you see the solution.

    Also as stated above, the game features a NightMode, Here is a comparison of it being On and Off:

    Here is the description from the Google PlayStore:

    Inventive, colorful, and increasingly sophisticated, Prime is a creative new take on brain teasing puzzles. Through the use of four colors and various puzzle designs, the player must complete the goal of making all visible blocks a specific color. Cycle through the PRIME colors by tapping the blocks, but beware, the blocks adjacent change colors! It's creative and challenging, but above all, it's fun!

    - 36 Hand-Crafted Levels.
    - Random Mode: A special mode which creates levels specially for you! Try completing it in the least amount of taps!
    - A newly implemented Night Mode allows for a dark background.

    Here is a download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...hanirani.prime
    07-08-2016 02:47 PM

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