1. nimbleneil's Avatar
    I own a 6th gen i pod touch.

    I am aware you need GPS and constant internet connection to play GO. This sucks for me ( and lots of other i pod users! > ) because I don't have £500 or £30 a month to lay down on a top range phone as I am 18 and don't have a job.( woo UK economy)

    I considered purchasing a GPS addon such as a Garmin glo, or a bad elf which provide "true" GPS to ios devices but then realised that doesn't solve the constant connection problem. I don't even know if this will work but it seems logical.

    So, i can either get a super cheap phone with capability to become a hotspot, and sue that alongside a ~£100 GPS receiver, or sod it all and get a new phone.

    Any suggestions as to a phone that can run GO with all functions, I don't want to splash for a phone and only be able to half play the game or have the phone become redundant within 6 months.
    OR any suggestions as to a phone that could be turned into a hotspot and put on a data plan for cheap?
    07-15-2016 01:04 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! How cheap are we talking about? What's your price range?

    There's a great deal on the 32 GB Nexus 5X for $235 over at Newegg--not sure if it's valid in the UK: LG Nexus 5X Unlocked Smart Phone, 5.2" White Color, 32GB Storage 2GB RAM, US Warranty – NeweggFlash.com
    07-15-2016 04:48 PM
  3. Kai M's Avatar
    I also have an iPod Touch 6, and was looking at GPS add-ons for iOS. However, I'm wondering whether I'd be better off buying a GPS receiver and a mobile internet connection, or a cheap Android phone with the cheapest possible data plan. I live in Canada and data rates are very expensive here.

    One thing I like about the first option is that except for the lack of "real" GPS and a mobile data connection, the game runs fine, and smoothly, without lag, and looks great. So getting a GPS receiver and mobile connection would allow me to continue using my own device. However it also means spending a lot of time trying to find a cheap enough plan that will allow me to play a decent amount without wifi.

    I've found some cheap Android phones that I think can probably run Pokemon GO, but I'm not entirely sure. If someone could tell me about the cheapest Android phone they know of that can run Pokemon GO, that'd be great. I couldn't care less about any features, except the ability to run Pokemon GO.

    I really want to play! If anyone could help me out with this I'd be very greatful!
    07-16-2016 09:32 AM
  4. nimbleneil's Avatar
    A lot less than that!

    The GPS addon and Mifi hotspot is definitely cheaper. Still unsure whether a third party GPS receiver would be recognised though.
    07-16-2016 01:48 PM

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