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    Hedgehog - apple seeker v.1.0.0
    Requirements: Android 2.3+
    Overview: Play Hadgehog - apple seeker to test and improve your hand-eye coordination and reaction speed by catching apples and running away from enemies. Hurry up!! The enemies become faster!!

    [Free android game] Hedgehog - apple seeker-21003.jpg

    This game is for those who want to be faster, more agile and the coolest one. Run away from enemies, collect apples and earn stars. Improve reaction speed and coordination. Faster!! The enemies are even faster! Try to evade them. Six levels, six worlds. Prove, that you're the best.

    Product Features:
    -Fun Game
    -Quick brains
    -Quick gameplay
    -Time attack

    [Free android game] Hedgehog - apple seeker-classic.jpg
    [Free android game] Hedgehog - apple seeker-ghoust.jpg
    [Free android game] Hedgehog - apple seeker-ghoustfinal.jpg
    [Free android game] Hedgehog - apple seeker-ocean.jpg

    The game is available at Amazon App Store:

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