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    [Free][Game] 2SQUARE: A Number Puzzle Game - When Tetris marries 2048 game-2square-1500x270-banner.jpg

    2Square: A Number Puzzle Game is a simple, fun, and addictive number puzzle game that takes expand the 2048 game mechanic into one novel and hybrid game. Try it now and experience this unique math puzzle game!

    Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...hant.TwoSquare

    === DESCRIPTION ===
    2Square: A Number Puzzle Game is one of the most creative and original tile matching puzzle games in years. With an unusual and hybrid combination of the popular falling tiles matching and 2048 game, 2Square will bring out your inner math genius.

    Immerse yourself in an engaging multiplication based tile matching experience where you match and multiply numbers and create chains as you compete with your friends for high scores and determine who is a true math genie among you.

    === FEATURES ===
    ★ Simple, yet addictive and challenging gameplay
    ★ Easy to pick up and play
    ★ Colorful visuals
    ★ Smooth and responsive controls
    ★ 4 modes of gameplay: Normal, Fast, Timed and Random mode
    ★ Use bombs to clear unwanted block
    ★ User x2 power ups strategically to double the number blocks
    ★ Tons of replay value as you compete with others to improve your score

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    [Free][Game] 2SQUARE: A Number Puzzle Game - When Tetris marries 2048 game-screenshot_2016-02-26-17-14-15-540x960.jpg [Free][Game] 2SQUARE: A Number Puzzle Game - When Tetris marries 2048 game-screenshot_2016-02-26-17-11-31-540x960.jpg
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