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    For Android :

    Compete your ranking in real time through out the world!
    Be a platinum or even master rank!
    Don't stay bronze and silver anymore! =)

    Crazy Road [Free] - New Released-img_preview_640.jpg
    It is Endless One Touch arcade game and inspired a lot by recent issues on auto industry.

    Move through the traffic safely without hitting other cars.
    Because your car is broken and it moves toward right direction unless control it.

    Developer's Comment :
    You should touch and hold screen to turn your car left!!
    (Control Tip : Don't try like Tab-Tab-Tab-Tab-Tab. You can just Tab & Hold screen)

    Also don't forget to repair your mini car! Collect repair tools before your car bunred out.

    Exprience the sudden acceleration. =)

    For Android :
    08-12-2016 03:38 AM

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