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    Master the art of playing mahjong solitaire in simple and classy design: play first, everything else later!!

    [FREE][4.0+] Mahjong by SkillGamesBoard - the most straightforward mahjong out there-512x512.png

    Install it on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...sboard.mahjong

    Mahjong by SkillGamesBoard proves itself as the most minimalistic, user-friendly app on the market with its simple, straightforward interface. The game kicks off just seconds after the user clicks on the app icon: play first, everything else later!

    Snatch up your Android device and install Mahjong by SkillGamesBoard right now – put your observation skills to the test!

    The game's features:

    • ingenious simplicity;
    • 3 brand new figure layouts with more on the way;
    • playable tiles pointers;
    • hint option;
    • option to zoom in and then back out on the screen;
    • timer modification option;
    • option to save the layout and play it again whenever you want.

    [FREE][4.0+] Mahjong by SkillGamesBoard - the most straightforward mahjong out there-mahjong-skillgamesboard-google-play-screenshot-1.png
    [FREE][4.0+] Mahjong by SkillGamesBoard - the most straightforward mahjong out there-mahjong-skillgamesboard-google-playscreenshot-4.png
    [FREE][4.0+] Mahjong by SkillGamesBoard - the most straightforward mahjong out there-mahjong-skillgamesboard-google-play-screenshot-3.png

    Please share your thoughts, impressions, and suggestions about the game. We'll be more than happy to receive your feedback and make the game better!
    Attached Thumbnails [FREE][4.0+] Mahjong by SkillGamesBoard - the most straightforward mahjong out there-fb-skillgamesboard-mahjong-solitaire-avatar_300x300.png   [FREE][4.0+] Mahjong by SkillGamesBoard - the most straightforward mahjong out there-mahjong-skillgamesboard-screenshot-gp-2016-1.png   [FREE][4.0+] Mahjong by SkillGamesBoard - the most straightforward mahjong out there-mahjong-skillgamesboard-screenshot-gp-2016-4.png  
    08-12-2016 02:45 AM
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    Hey, everyone!

    We've recently launched the official standalone website for our Mahjong Solitaire.

    Please check it out and tell us what you think: mahjong.skillgamesboard.com
    Any feedback is highly appreciated on the Android app as well!
    08-18-2016 10:37 AM
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    Hey devs and especially puzzle game lovers!

    We've revamped our mahjong app and now it looks a look more appealing! Don't your think so? Check the very first updated, edited thread post for details and new links!
    12-29-2016 07:51 AM
  4. AdoreGames's Avatar
    Hey everyone,

    We've managed to reduce the size of our apk from 51 to 30 mb!

    Feel free to install and tell me what you think!
    01-10-2017 06:16 AM
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    Hello everyone!

    It's time for another batch of cool, all-new features in our Mahjong by SkillGamesBoard app on Google Play!

    Here's what you'll see after you update the game:

    • 3 fresh layouts;
    • 2 all-new visual effects;
    • option to remove ads;
    • ratings, leaderboards, and competitions.
    02-09-2017 10:34 AM
  6. AdoreGames's Avatar
    Another update goes live!

    We have fixed some localization and UI bugs and made some other minor improvements. Hope your gaming experience will now get better after the update!
    02-17-2017 09:18 AM
  7. AdoreGames's Avatar
    Hello everyone,

    Just want to let you know that we've recently updated our mahjong solitaire app.

    If previously 6 fresh layouts were locked under the paywall, from now on you'll be able to play them all unlocked. No paywalls anymore!
    06-23-2017 07:10 PM

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