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    Zixxby's Quests (Game 1) Mined Over Matter!

    The first game in a stunning new game series from Honey Badger Studios!

    Please go to our website to meet Zixxby and for more info on the game.
    Honey Badger Sudios website

    Screenshot 1

    Help Zixxby free his home planet's moons from the everlasting mine fields! Only you can help his species escape from the evil clutches of the Ningrom empire.
    This is a game of pure skill and awareness, use as few plasma bullets as possible to destroy the encroaching mines!

    -40 stunning levels across 4 different moons!
    -360 deg scrolling!
    -Intelligent Zoom camera!
    -Addictive score progression system!
    -Thousands of mines to smash up!
    -A variety of enemies to fight!
    -Sensor controlled movement!
    -Gesture controlled weapon systems!
    -Weapon pickups!
    -Awesome explosions!
    -Coming Soon!
    03-25-2011 08:51 AM

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