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    Monty presents a journey to a magical world through the center of the earth. Worlds of pure fun and entertainment, will not want to stop playing.

    Help Monty!

    Get all the diamonds necessary to complete the stage, discover hidden traps and unlock exciting new levels in this fun and exciting game!

    Solve puzzles tricky in dozens of levels, avoid evil traps and complex obstacles.
    Each level is dangerously funny. Crosses doors, prevents holes, broken blocks that prevent passage, destroy blocks that block your path and run! Careful with moving walls!!

    Use your inventory to carry Monty tools to safely exit.

    Explore over 180 levels. Move gigantic rocks, crosses rivers of lava, be careful not to fall into the abyss and...run, do not get caught for gas explosions.

    Definitely a thrilling journey where you have to use your wits and intelligence at every level.
    Monty will make you vibrate with emotion and with he, will come the end almost breathless.

    Good luck!


    - Joystick for lefties and righties.
    - Super powerful boosters.
    - More than 180 amazing levels.
    - Levels "Bonus".
    - Levels time trial.
    - Earn daily boosters in our roulette.
    - Rankings for you and your friends comparéis your scores.
    - Connect to the Internet to unlock all game features and synchronize your game among all your mobile devices.
    - More than 50 achievements.

    For players of all ages and abilities. What are you waiting for? Play now!

    Join Monty!!


    Kloder Games presents Monty , a new free game!-featured.png
    Kloder Games presents Monty , a new free game!-screenshot01.png
    Kloder Games presents Monty , a new free game!-screenshot02.png
    Kloder Games presents Monty , a new free game!-screenshot03.png
    Kloder Games presents Monty , a new free game!-screenshot04.png
    09-03-2016 12:21 PM
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    Thanks for sharing
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    09-03-2016 03:33 PM

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