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    Hello fellow gamers. I would like to introduce our first game on the google play store Noisy Neighbours.
    The game is still in development and is for a school project, but arcade mode is already playable. We are planning to release the full game, including an upgrade system in about three weeks. We would really appreciate your feedback on the game to help the development. Thank you!

    [FREE][Arcade][Early access] Noisy Neighbours-dxqmxlylzgfilumhftkl3fubowqg2k5iwnqia_isjpsnzqfuqf3ubj6q2pbsvitnaa-h900.png [FREE][Arcade][Early access] Noisy Neighbours-mmkvag0nl-6hwukgepsgh5azuni-pqice4jcp_vlmnl7tclwrrfa3y513-8j3euf4s-h900.png [FREE][Arcade][Early access] Noisy Neighbours-qupdrlyo4br94jt7byty00kq3tbjjcv2ga1ftzqxwzmqmoxgrv0rusveg6dda5nolq-h900.png [FREE][Arcade][Early access] Noisy Neighbours-labxfoqroy7clpoa7yf-gp10i8gbksk2qklhr9vz8jjxsbauy2hid_90pqyshufi_g-h900.png

    Our endless stream of radio waves from planet earth causes noise disturbance for our local neighbours in our solar system. Therefore they decide to exterminate our satellites and earth permanently. It's your job to defend our planet, cleverly making use of satellites and the weapons on earth.

    Link to google play
    09-12-2016 11:54 AM

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