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    [GAME] CATastrophic Pet 3D (By Animo Studio)-screen520x924.jpeg

    Version 7.0
    [GAME] CATastrophic Pet 3D (By Animo Studio)-amazon-logo_black.jpg
    Amazon Appstore: https://www.amazon.com/Animo-Studio-...cUvbUpU5438157

    9 CATS, 9 LIVES, over 9 MILLION TONS of FUN. Smash, destroy, spoil, disturb, run, catch... Do everything an average naughty cat do and UNLOCK NEW INTERACTIONS.
    Dare to deal with HER... Whom? Well, it needs to be discovered!

    • Special cat missions
    Scratch & pee, hunt the mice, disturb old Duke...

    UNLOCK NEW interactions with EACH level!

    • Crazy Cat-Dog chases
    What about fighting with Duke? Run off if you can.

    Mind the TIME LIMIT to successfully complete the mission!

    • 3D indoor locations
    The whole house is under your control.

    Time to HAVE SOME FUN!

    YOU GET:

    • 9 cats of various breeds

    • 5 cat interactions

    • 20 incredible levels

    [GAME] CATastrophic Pet 3D (By Animo Studio)-screen520x924.jpeg
    [GAME] CATastrophic Pet 3D (By Animo Studio)-screen520x924.jpeg
    09-22-2016 03:29 AM

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