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    fishdom 2 from srw developer is real free game without in app purchases. Let's Try and play

    In the fish tank, players area unit able to purchase 3 sorts of item victimisation in-game currency: fish, “beauty” things to create the tank look a lot of engaging, and “comfort” things to create the tank a lot of pleasant for the fish. The a lot of things they purchase, the upper their 3 fish, beauty and luxury meters rise, and filling all the meters awards them with one among 3 trophies — bronze, silver or gold. If the player runs out of cash, they are doing not have the choice to accumulate a lot of via in-app purchase, but — instead they need to want the game’s puzzle mode to earn a lot of.

    Each puzzle mode level takes place on a unique grid, and needs the player to destroy all the specially-colored tiles by creating matches over them by swapping objects around. looking on the colour of the tile, it's going to need quite one match to be created atop it to destroy it. as was common for the genre, varied powerups build AN look once the player matches quite 3 objects at an equivalent time, and these is wont to build destroying the tiles easier. every level has a very generous limit, and play returns to the fish tank instead of about to consecutive level once it's completed. Upon finishing A level, the player receives cash in line with what number tiles they destroyed and a bonus for the score they earned and the way a lot of time they'd remaining. because the player progresses through the degree, new game options like fastened items inherit play, requiring some strategic changes.

    thanks for downloading fishdom 2
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    fishdom 2 - without in app purchases-screenshot_2016-09-23-16-09-45.png
    09-24-2016 06:50 AM
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    hope you try and give rating
    09-25-2016 02:58 AM

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