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    I once played a game-survival in a zombie apocalypse
    the game was very interesting (really interesting) - a complex and non-linear, but then stopped working (it was something with my android) and I deleted it. Now (how many did not try) I can not find it.
    2d view (top)
    the quality is currently drawing - movies free online
    it was possible to create everything: weapons, facilities, first aid kits, explosives, etc.
    in the game were not only bases zombies and humans
    when you die - you have turned into a zombie and had eating a human that would become a man again
    were chests, in which you can put your good
    it was necessary to build bridges (with wood), which would cross the river.
    zombies were many, really a lot. free online action movies and free horror movies
    The game I have installed about two years ago, and it was probably the best, what I played on Android.

    if anyone remembers - please tell me
    10-05-2016 11:55 PM

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