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    This is not your typical zombie game. You are the zombie, build an army of undead allies and reign havoc on the city. The city realistically reacts to the outbreak as it would in real life. Civilians will call the police on you and military units will be dispatched. You can literally aquire massive armies of zombies that will follow you threw the city!

    This game is still in production and I'm actively working hard on new content and fixing current problems.

    Unfortunately the Google Play store submission is behind on updates due to technical difficulties. But the iOS and amazon store have the latest Zombie iO update that will later be submitted to the Google Play store!

    Game Page: https://mrjonwc.itch.io/zombies-io

    Zombies IO - Lead your own zombie outbreak!-untitled.png
    Zombies IO - Lead your own zombie outbreak!-untitled2.png
    10-06-2016 04:54 PM

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