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    Hi all I want to introduce you my new game called What's Worse? Game is very, very easy All you need to do is to read a random question given you by game and answer on it. But you have to choose only one option and pick which answer is worst from other. You can think that it's easy, but some questions can be very difficult Go and check it:


    I'm waiting for suggestions and opinions, thanks in advance

    Few photos:
    [FREE][GAME][2.3.7+] What's Worse?-menu.en_framed.jpg [FREE][GAME][2.3.7+] What's Worse?-obczaj-art.en_framed.jpg

    [FREE][GAME][2.3.7+] What's Worse?-przykl.pyt-.en_framed-1-.jpg [FREE][GAME][2.3.7+] What's Worse?-przykl.pyt.en_framed-1-.jpg
    10-16-2016 05:08 PM

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