1. Torrentula81's Avatar
    Maybe I am too picky but I can't find anything decent on google play. Requirement:
    1) not forced to play female (optional is fine since I will never choose it)
    2) decent graphics. For sure no retro 8 bit garbage or cartoon garbage.
    3) leaves pay to win/play a the door. I don't mind chipping in but stamina/enetgy games ARE OUT.

    I know a few nice games are out there like Xenowerk bit I just canr get with playing a female. I want something I like to look at. These cartoon hand drawn games aren't cutting it. Especially anything that is "retro". If we can get Titan quest ported to mobile thst shows that these in my mom's basement I made this games can shove off. No one wants them. The last hurddle is finding a game that has not been torn a pat looking for every opportunity to suck ones wallet dry not even remotely worth the price you paid. I like outer space. Vendetta online seems ok, but not great.

    Well here is my contributon.
    Arcane Quest 3
    Battlevoid Harbringer
    Star Nomad 2
    Bards Tale
    Chromatc Souls (gamevil games won't run with xposed so gave up otherwise was fun)
    Out there
    Mines of Mars
    Jelly Defense
    11-02-2016 02:35 PM
  2. BenterMan's Avatar
    Mine Revenge of Orc, it's on revengeoforc.com
    11-04-2016 03:22 AM

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