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    [ANDROID] Sudoku solver is one of the most popular free word games.-sudoku-1024.png

    Hi Guys !

    I have always been very expressive and love to learn/create/search new ideas, story,concept, article, & tech .
    I found a new app named Sudoku on the play store. This app continuously discovers and analyzes millions of words in the preferred languages English. The app comes with an intuitive and sleek-interface that makes reading/forming words easy. And its brilliant!

    Description :
    Avalaible on Google Play Store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...p.sudokusolver

    Sudoku solver is one of the most popular free word games of all time for the smart you! A type of puzzle whose completion requires each of typically 9 rows and columns and every of as many usually square subregions to contain, without duplication, 1 up to 9 or the grid dimension controlled both by finger and keyboard.

    ★ 3 levels from very beginners to the expert :
    - Easy (100 puzzles).
    - Medium (100 puzzles).
    - Hard (100 puzzles).
    ★ Pencil marks with auto fill / erase, as specified in settings.
    ★ 90 levels.
    ★ Sudoku solver has clean interface and smooth controls.
    ★ The world’s most advanced Sudoku learning tool.
    ★ Portrait and Landscape Views.
    ★ Selected digit and various other highlighting options.
    ★ Clear notes, Auto-save.
    ★ This Sudoku very easy.

    Why Do you play Sudoku? because the rules are simple enough that you can focus on it, however, gameplay are often quite challenging.

    ● It helps relieve stress.
    ● Sudoku brings a sense of calm and order.
    ● Sudoku may facilitate your brain keep In good health...
    ● Sudoku provides an escape.
    ● Sudoku fun for all ages. It is one thing you'll be able to pursue lifelong since it does not have any age limit or materialistic requirements.
    ● Sudoku solver can help get rid of “ear worms.”
    ● Keeps your brain alive and active, a useful break from your usual routine.
    ● Helps in improving your patience and concentration.

    We hope you enjoyed this free Sudoku games
    11-05-2016 09:45 AM
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    Thanks for the link!
    11-06-2016 12:30 AM

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