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    [Free] [Game] The Bugs Smasher-bf0108b3fc.jpg
    Crush bug - a game that really drags on and makes you forget about everything.
    Oddly enough, but the assassin - is not only an unscrupulous person who violates the law and bringing harm to people. In this case, you will have the opportunity to become a killer who saves all of annoying insects and cleans the house of the beetles.
    Davie various beetles crawl on the screen of your gadget (phone or tablet) by clicking on them with your finger. Over time, they will become more and more ... - Your task is to clear the screen from as many beetles. The game is easy to operate, which makes it even more interesting.
    Download this app you get:
    - A game with excellent graphics and animation.
    - The best program for entertainment
    - Free game with different levels of complexity
    - The ability to crush insects and to get rid of the hated bugs
    Kids playing in this game - to develop motor skills and have fun, giving rest to his parents. And adults can feel the taste of victory by playing this entertaining game.

    11-28-2016 02:53 AM
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    Thanks for sharing
    11-29-2016 08:35 AM

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