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    It's the year 4000-something. You are a rookie spaceship designer wanting to prove yourself to the world. Enter Spaceship Arena, an entertainment arena of the future, where only the best of the best rule!

    Competitive Multiplayer Game featuring layers of deep strategy and endlessly evolving game content!

    - Unique, never before seen gameplay
    - Dozens of exciting spaceship blueprints to unlock and build
    - Masses of different modules to build with
    - Beautiful space battles to validate your designs
    - Beat ships designed by other players to progress in ranks and leagues

    Take your place as the Top #1 ship designer of Spaceship Battles!

    Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...aceshipbattles
    12-01-2016 06:21 AM
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    Spaceship Battles - tips and tricks

    Spaceship Battles is about the gladiators of the distant future.

    In this game, as the commander of several ships, you will:
    - assemble spaceships out of modules
    - send ships and fleets into battle against other players
    - watch your flying minions in battle as it unfolds

    Once combat begins, it's impossible to influence it, but you can spot the weaknesses in your ship design and battle tactics, and fix the errors at the dock. Luck can be a factor in battle, but as a rule, the ship with the best design wins.

    Whenever you get a new ship, you start with an empty hull; as you level up, the hulls get more spacious and more diverse.

    The hull determines the ship's shape and the number of slots for installing various modules (such as engines, weapons, power plants, etc.) A module must be researched in the Science tab, after which it can be installed on a ship at no cost. The number of modules on a ship is only limited by the hull's capacity.

    Ship Design
    A module is a component of a ship that takes up a certain number of slots. A module needs energy to operate. In design mode, the energy circle is located in the top left corner, while in combat, it can be found in the bottom right corner. If a ship's energy is low, its modules will shut down and do nothing.

    A ship designer's key skill is to find a balance between attack, defense, and mobility, as well as make correct calculations on the ship's energy input and output.

    Tip! Blue slots are for engines only.

    All ship modules can be divided into three groups:

    - Engines of various types, allowing hyperspace jumps and providing different degrees of speed and mobility.
    - Reactors, supplying energy to the ship's other modules.
    - Auxiliary ship bays and components, higher-level elements that allow repairing the ship in combat and grant additional bonuses.

    - Armor components, plating that can be used to protect vital parts of the ship, reducing the damage dealt to them.
    - Energy shields to create a protective dome around the ship, immune to rocket fire but penetrable by projectiles.
    - Defensive turrets and auxiliary bays that can shoot down an incoming rocket or eject space junk.

    - Ballistic weapons consist of machine guns, cannons, mortars of various sizes and types.
    - Rocket-based weapons consist of launchers and turrets of different ammo capacity and power.
    - Energy-based weapons consist of laser, pulse and plasma weapons that are very powerful when they hit their mark.

    Higher-level and large ships can be escorted by support vessels. You will need to design these too, depending on your choice of combat tactic. You can also spend celestium on modifications to your ship, thereby increasing the number of slots available.

    Getting Started
    - The Corvette is a very nice ship for a rookie! It can be unlocked for a small amount of celestium, without having to level up to it first.
    - Use diverse types of weapons and defenses, as you'll encounter a variety of opponents; this will improve your chances of victory in the early stages.
    - Don't be afraid to experiment. If you're struggling with a losing streak, consider changing your ship's design and/or purchasing a new ship.
    - Got an offer to buy your ship design? Memorize it, and sell. You're going to need the celestium, while a design can be recreated, possibly with improvements!
    - Try to unlock as many docks as possible. Granted, it’s expensive, but the more ships you have with a successful module layout, the sooner you'll get returns on your celestium investment.

    Don't let your ships idle; send them into battle straight out of repair, and you'll climb quickly up the ranked leagues to become the top player!

    Leveling up!
    - It's simple: more ships means more battles. More battles means more victories. And more victories, more experience!
    - Don't forget to do the daily missions; they bring extra XP.
    - Fleet Arena combat will be available to you at level 5. Drop by once every five hours, and you'll get bonus experience.

    Each new level means you'll be coming up against more seasoned opponents, but the rewards will also increase.

    Fleet Battle

    From level 5 on, you'll be able to access the Fleet Arena.

    You will have to buy several ships with credits; these will form your fleet. A fleet's maximum size is 9 ships. The most powerful ship you've purchased will become your flagship, and receive extra stat bonuses!

    Once you've formed your fleet, you can send it into battle. You will be matched against several other players' fleets, and combat will begin. The battle will earn you experience points as well as a nice celestium bonus!

    Combat Tricks
    - Shelter your ship's power plants in its center, and protect them with armor. When they explode, they damage adjacent blocks, and the ship suffers heavy damage. Avoid a chain reaction of explosions in several adjacent blocks; this spells doom for the ship.
    - Junk is the best defense against cruisers; if you've realized your enemy is only using rockets, mount the right support module. It ejects junk into the ship's vicinity. Rocket ships take a long time to recharge, and therefore try to kill an enemy in one hit; junk will counter this tactic.
    - Equip large ships with repair bays; these become very important at higher levels.

    Now you have an idea of what's awaiting you in Spaceship Battles! Forward, commander! See you in battle!
    02-01-2017 02:45 AM
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    Looks addictive. Keep up the good work.
    02-05-2017 12:43 PM

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