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    Our game for kids - “Candy Raccoon: Children’s Telephone” - offers an entertaining and educational time, suitable for children aged one and older.
    Here are some reasons to choose our Children’s Telephone for educational purposes:

    Learn the animals: whale, cow, sheep, elephant, penguin, dog, lion, parrot, cat, octopus, owl and even dragon. Children will learn to identify them during gameplay by pressing different buttons. In response, they will hear a puppy bark, a cow moo, a kitten meow, a sheep bleating, a lion cub roar and other animals “communicating” with them through the phone.

    Learn and practice numbers. Kids will be able to learn the numbers from 0 to 9 in an interactive and visually compelling manner. Candy Raccoon will be there to guide them. Together, they will visit a basketball court. A little jumping around with basketballs will make counting more fun, so your kid won’t get bored.

    Discover the names of musical instruments. Candy the Raccoon will be delighted to play any of the many instruments in his personal collection for your child. Even toddlers will be able to hear the sounds of a tambourine, saxophone, electric guitar, drums, trumpet, violin, cymbals and synthesizer after simply selecting a relevant image.

    Have fun with the notes. In this mode, children will be able to compose their own melodies. Candy the Raccoon and the friendly notes will merrily dance to the tune, encouraging further musical improvisation.

    Learn the colors. Candy the Raccoon will help your child discover different colors: red and yellow, orange and green, cyan and blue, violet, pink and brown. Candy the Raccoon, being a little fashionista she is, will change her outfit according to each color. The kids will also visit the motley rainbow world for a fun musical air-balloon bursting adventure!

    Every play mode provides children with opportunities to take a break from learning. Pressing the note-shaped buttons will initiate a special music activity. The kids will be able to dance and jump to the rhythm together with Candy the Raccoon.

    Our games for children can be downloaded for free.

    Moreover, they are sure to be a source of endless entertainment for your little ones. With our musical Children’s Telephone, kids are guaranteed to enjoy themselves.

    Educational games for children aged one to three, such as our fun Telephone, is perfect for both preschool boys and girls.

    Our Children’s Telephone game is available in English and Russian.

    Telephone game for children will be a lucky find for moms and dads that take an active part in the development of their child from the earliest age and are keen on using educational games and applications for children aged three to five. Our game is so entertaining that your kid will be engaged for quite a while, and you will be able to take care of other business as your child continues to play and learn new things.

    The game can be used as a baby-sitter of sorts for preschool children or even youth of the school age. Children’s Telephone can fit perfectly on the list of kindergarten games.

    We want to sincerely thank you for choosing our application!

    If you have any suggestions or concerns regarding our game, do not hesitate to contact us at www.facebook.com/sylokmedia/. We will strive to improve the application further.

    Developed by Sylok M.Group.

    12-01-2016 08:07 AM
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    Thanks for sharing
    02-11-2017 04:43 PM

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