1. ethanvallivue's Avatar
    So, I am a PC gamer, and I also enjoy my 3DS, but since it's breaking, I am looking for a new avenue of portable gaming in Android gaming. I am planning on getting an NVIDIA shield or a steam controller preferably if that works, but I was wondering how viable mobile gaming is in the first place. What games are there to play? I'm not going to be playing candy crush and clash of clans hard-core with a controller of course... What are some of my options? I am on a galaxy s7.
    12-03-2016 12:52 PM
  2. STARGATE's Avatar
    I'm not much into games myself, but there are many, many people who enjoy playing mobile games on their phones and tablets.
    You already have a very capable device.
    Check the Playstore for games that you think you might like.
    There's nothing like trying each game to make sure it's the game for you.

    Enjoy and have fun!

    Sent From the Edge of the Seventh Galaxy
    02-11-2017 04:41 PM