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    Hey everyone!

    I made a game recently (for the holidays) called Elf Panic. You can download it here:

    There are also promo codes for in-game currency. Over 200 Codes! You can find them here:
    Show Promotion | Play-Code

    About the Game:

    SANTA NEEDS YOUR HELP! Jack Frost and his minions scattered all the presents, for the good boys and girls, all over the place. It is us to you, Santa's greatest helper, to collect all the presents, and save Christmas!

    •Run, and collect presents through a endless platform.
    •Avoid or smash Jack Frost's minions along your path.
    •Obtain and try to beat your highest score by running as far as you can and collecting the most presents.
    •Multiple Power Ups to help you on your quest.
    •Compete with friends to see who can get the highest score and collect the most presents.
    •Strive to complete all the achievements in the game.
    •Retro-like graphics with smooth performance in up to 60 Frames Per Second.

    Feedback is appreciated here: if you run into any trouble I typically reply promptly, but it is finals week =) You can redeem the free coins by clicking on "Get Coins" in the game and then selecting the 2500 Coins button... There should be a place to "redeem" the promo code there. Or redeem on the Google Play Store (https://support.google.com/googlepla.../3422659?hl=en) and when you click that button in the app it should appear free.

    [Free][Action/Adventure] Elf Panic - FREE PROMO CODES - Holiday Platformer-elfpanic_screen1.png
    [Free][Action/Adventure] Elf Panic - FREE PROMO CODES - Holiday Platformer-elfpanic_screen2.png
    [Free][Action/Adventure] Elf Panic - FREE PROMO CODES - Holiday Platformer-elfpanic_screen4.png
    12-03-2016 05:52 PM
  2. Michelle Haag's Avatar
    Pretty fun, thanks!!
    Merry Christmas!
    12-03-2016 07:19 PM
  3. slopiijoe's Avatar
    Pretty fun, thanks!!
    Merry Christmas!
    Thanks Michelle! Merry Christmas to you too!
    12-04-2016 06:29 PM