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    The earth is being invaded by Aliens, they are very crowded and aggressive. The only chance of humankind is standing up against this illegal invasion.

    Tower Defense Invasion is the latest strategy game. In this Tower Defense game, players will use their defensive strategy, control of advanced weaponry to fight the dark forces of the Alien.

    This is the most intense Tower Defense in the human history, the two sides will fight with modern and high damage weapons. If you not done well, the world the world may be perished.

    Download this game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...n.towerdefense
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    ★★ FEATURES ★★
    - Two mode "Campaign" and "Endless" Tower Defense for Defender to select.

    - Weapons Upgrade System by stars

    - Three difficulty levels

    - 12 Tower, 3 special weapons

    - Get rewarded with daily quests and achievement System

    - 10 attractive maps to play with diverse terrain

    - Diverse Enemy System with two offensive line is airway and seaway

    - Defender can multiply the speed to twice in this Tower Defense game.

    Tower Defense Invasion - New Strategy game for android-3.jpg

    ★★ HOW TO PLAY ★★

    - Choose the mode, select the map to play, select the strategic weapons and try your best in Tower Defense

    - Defender can get the gems and surprise gifts when playing this Tower Defense game.

    - Note: select the right weapon for each map to play.

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    Tower Defense Invasion - New Strategy game for android-7.jpg
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