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    This is a gameplay trailer of Zixxby's Quests. We wanted to show a demo of some of the wide variety of level types available.

    Zixxby's Quests (Game 1) Mined Over Matter!

    The first game in a stunning new game series from Honey Badger Studios!

    Please go to our website to meet Zixxby and for more info on the game.
    Honey Badger Studios - Home

    Or visit the main development thread on this forum at:

    Anouncing Zixxby's Quests! - Android Forums

    Help Zixxby free his home planet's moons from the everlasting mine fields! Only you can help his species escape from the evil clutches of the Ningrom empire.
    This is a game of pure skill and awareness!

    -Campaign of 40 stunning levels across 4 different moons!
    - Level Types:

    Pot Shot, Mini Nuke, Mine Sweep, Carnage, Skill Shot, Marksman and Snake!
    - Weapons:
    Sniper bullet, Mini Nuke, Bouncing Bullet, Comet buster and Plasma spray!

    Game details:
    -360 deg scrolling!
    -Intelligent Zoom camera!
    -Addictive score progression system!
    -Thousands of mines to smash up!
    -A variety of enemies to fight!
    -Sensor controlled movement!
    -Gesture controlled weapon systems!
    -Weapon pickups!
    -Awesome explosions!
    -And Mini Games! We will be making several updates with new fun mini game add-ons!
    -Coming Soon!
    04-09-2011 03:54 AM
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    As Beta is getting close I thought i would share some of the story artwork from the campaign mode.

    04-15-2011 07:08 AM

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