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    Stage ready. Electric guitar tuned . Lights on. And ...The show is on!

    But...Wow! What the hell is that?? A horde of monsters is coming… they hate Rock ‘n Roll and they are gonna try to ruin the show... mummies, witches, catrinas, pissed off-dwarfs... Play your electric guitar and use your magic guitar picks to defend yourself from all of these enemies and more!

    Evaluate the kind of enemy that is going to attack the stage, and choose the best weapon within your arsenal to help you defend yourself. And don’t forget to improve your magic guitar picks and your defenses, as enemies are getting increasingly angrier and stronger!

    Will you be able to become a true Rock-Defender?
    Try It NOW, Rock Defender is a FREE game!


    Join us to Rock Defender Army

    01-08-2017 12:03 PM
  2. STARGATE's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing
    02-11-2017 04:21 PM

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