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    A simple and fun arcade 2d shooter with a twist: you get to use your enemy against himself. Shoot down evil Dr. Destructo's aircraft, and their flaming wrecks will punch holes in his own expensive battleships, castles and other property and war assets!

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    [FREE] Return of Dr. Destructo - a retro 2D plane arcade-screenshot_2016-11-28-19-17-08-540_org.zxstudio.drdestructo2.png

    Return of Dr. Destructo is classic hardcore arcade gameplay at its best: you will come to hate some of the enemies (it'll probably be helicopters), and you will find some levels to be very hard to beat (try 5th level - it'll surprise you even after the fourth one!).


    • 21 levels with various sea ships, castles, islands and even spacecraft that you will have to send to the bottom of the sea.
    • 15 types of enemies (some of them you will come to hate, I promise you; I mean, man, those helicopters, right?!)
    • 6 planes with different characteristics and super-weapons, from rocket salvo to time freeze.
    • Story Mode for leisurely play: continue the game from any level you have previously reached.

    [FREE] Return of Dr. Destructo - a retro 2D plane arcade-screenshot_2016-11-28-19-21-14-243_org.zxstudio.drdestructo2.png

    The game contains some in-app purchases, but they are completely unnecessary to finish it (though I hope you would like the game and decide to support the developer - me - a little ).

    Download Return of Dr. Destructo and feel like it's 1980's all over again!

    [FREE] Return of Dr. Destructo - a retro 2D plane arcade-screenshot_2016-11-28-19-22-10-448_org.zxstudio.drdestructo2.png
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    Thanks for sharing
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