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    Genre: 2D, RPG, RTS
    Language: EN, RU
    web-site: Invasion of Barbarians – Indie strategic game
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    Developer: 71Games.

    Steam Greenlight :: Invasion of Barbarians

    Once upon a time…

    My lord, our lands are attacked!

    Having been got out of naked women, accompanied with heart-rending servant’s shout, you harried up to an urgent audience with the King.

    Congratulations! Now you are in the head of the castle, country and motherland defense. Let your victory be swift and absolute… Either at least do not deep-six us all.

    It is not about your knowledge of the art of war (or your knowledge of anything else), you just thought it might be fun to shoot a bow at live targets.


    Roleplaying system

    Develope your character and improve abilities, focus on one group or on all three groups: Marksmanship, Vitality, Stealth. Create your unique character.

    A variety of units

    Buy and hire various mercenaries and upgrade them for the collected resources to destroy different enemy units.


    Explore a level and choose the most suitable time to buy mercenaries of one type or another, depending on the characteristics of the attacking enemies.

    You can create a hero here according to your taste. For example, spending your роints on improvement of your hero's adroitness you can create a master of the distsnt battle with an opportunity to choose appropriate talents. Moreover, you can improve a hireling, who become the best support for you in the close battle. It's worth to say, that you can become a master of close battle by developing of strenght and improving protection and operating with snares.There is also a varient of manipulation with intelect. You can chose both a fire-ice-poisoned dart and an explosive or forrifications.

    Together with a complex game mechanics and the different branches of the hero, each passage may be unique.

    [Game]Invasion Of Barbarians - RPG/RTS-invasionofbarbarians_ru_1.png
    [Game]Invasion Of Barbarians - RPG/RTS-invasionofbarbarians_ru_2.png

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