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    Fight Masters is a Beat 'em up 2d classic. They have 3 characters, 20 levels, a very funny story, many combos and special powers.

    You have to release Steven Norries (a famous martial arts actor) who has been kidnapped.

    The game has a story mode, and 3 different endings, normal mode and hard mode, has a combo system (you can alternate tiger and dragon hits with 2 buttons).

    The 3 characters have 3 or 4 special powers, they are totally different.

    The 3 heroes have a voice (it has subtitles in English and Spanish, but the voices are only Spanish).

    The soundtrack is 80's rock.

    PD: sorry for my english

    Fight Masters (Beat 'em up free)-screen4.jpg
    Fight Masters (Beat 'em up free)-screen5.jpg
    Fight Masters (Beat 'em up free)-screen7.jpg

    Dowload: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...s.fifree&hl=es
    Attached Thumbnails Fight Masters (Beat 'em up free)-thump_9681122screen4.jpg   Fight Masters (Beat 'em up free)-thump_9681123screen2.jpg  
    02-06-2017 10:13 AM
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    Can you provide more information related to the app? What is the objective? Is there a story mode? How about high score? Etc.
    02-06-2017 12:35 PM

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