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    If you think of yourself as a genuine enthusiast of Nonograms you absolutely have to give JCross a try! This original Crossword Painter is without any doubt a remarkable representative of its genre. Just think about it: why download several different apps when you can have one with tons of various Picrosses already in it and a lot more on their way. It really doesn’t matter whether you want to rack your brains by doing a sophisticated Nonogram or you need a trivial Paint by Numbers to kill time – JCross has all of them!

    Google Play: JCross Nonograms

    In the Nonograms, unlike conventional crosswords and arrowwords, a picture instead of words is conceal by means of numbers.
    The grid is formed by horizontal and vertical lines. Numbers on the top and on the left show the sequence order of blocks of filled-in squares horizontally and vertically correspondingly. The blocks are unbroken, and two nearby blocks must have at least one empty (unfilled) cell in between.
    The blocks follow one another exactly in the order shown by the corresponding numbers.

    Nonograms are solved in the following way:
    – First, you need to determine which cells are to be filled;
    – Second, you need to determine which cells cannot be filled: these are marked with crosses.
    This process is repeated until the crossword is solved.
    [GAME][FREE] JCross Nonograms-qip-shot-screen-163.png[GAME][FREE] JCross Nonograms-qip-shot-screen-164.png[GAME][FREE] JCross Nonograms-qip-shot-screen-166.png[GAME][FREE] JCross Nonograms-qip-shot-screen-169.png
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