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    Philippine Puzzle is a special type of puzzle that relies on logic in order to reveal a certain picture. Philippine Puzzle also known as Link-a-Pix, Paint by pairs, Paint by numbers, Pict-Link, Pathpix, Number Net, Piclink, Link Puzzle, Puzzle Grid, Logic Grid, Puzzle Cross, Square Puzzle. Puzzle look like a grid with numbers scattered in various places. All numbers, except the 1's, have pairs. For every number except 1 it is necessary to find same-number pair and join them together with a path of the corresponding length.

    Google Play: FCross

    The paths shall meet the all following requirements:
    - Paths may follow horizontal or vertical directions and are not allowed to cross other paths.
    - Length of the path (measured by the number of squares it passes through including the end-squares) is equal to the value of the numbers being connected.
    The couple of number cannot being joined by diagonal line.
    Squares containing 1 represent paths that are 1-square long.
    When the puzzle is finished, you can see a picture.

    In application represented a lot of black and white Philippine Puzzles of different size (10x10, 10x15, 15x10, 15x15).
    [GAME][FREE] Link-a-Pix FCross-400_600_2.png[GAME][FREE] Link-a-Pix FCross-400_600_0.png[GAME][FREE] Link-a-Pix FCross-1024_768_0.png[GAME][FREE] Link-a-Pix FCross-1024_768_5.png[GAME][FREE] Link-a-Pix FCross-1024_768_7.png[GAME][FREE] Link-a-Pix FCross-1024_768_9.png
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    Thanks for sharing.
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