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    [Free][Arcade] Toki Game-donut2.png
    Hi! We're "Hoppu" team, and we make games. We want to create good games, and player opinion is very important for us.
    We ready to present our first game for mobile devices named "Toki Game", in which you have to throw donuts into Toki's mouth. It's not very easy to do. Also you can spend collected donuts purchasing hats, costumes, new kinds of delicacies, and effects.

    All features:
    - hardcore gameplay
    - 9 kinds of delicacies, 8 hats, 5 costumes, and 3 effects
    - in-game bonuses
    - mini-game

    We'll be very glad if you download "Toki Game", rate it, and share it with your friends!
    We will update this game every week.

    DOWNLOAD Google Play

    Have a nice day!
    [Free][Arcade] Toki Game-en1.jpg
    [Free][Arcade] Toki Game-en3.jpg
    [Free][Arcade] Toki Game-en2.jpg
    [Free][Arcade] Toki Game-all.jpg
    03-01-2017 01:13 PM

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