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    Today Zitga Corp has set the final date for the official release of Stickman Legends on March 10 of this week. Let's look back, and see what Sickman Legends has changed.
    It is still the story of a lone hero on the way to eradicate the evil, bring light and peace to his home land. But Stickman Legends still attracts thousands of players because of its meticulous, crisp graphics and especially smooth gameplay, unlike any other genre.

    Stickman Legends has been improved and upgraded so far. Initially the game only has basic attacks such as running, slashing but gradually the development team has added new skills for the character as the jump, rotation and attack to create beautiful effects.

    The monster in the game is well invested. Initially only small henchmen have no strength but numbers, but gradually they have evolved, have their own weapons from simple to complex, in addition to the boss on each map is very strong and harder. And as for the maps after their difficulty level is raised.

    Another point that perhaps familiar players of Stickman Legends will most recognizable is the graphics of the game. Initially the game was dark gray with black and gray cardboard owners, now there are more colors purple, yellow red makes all the details in the game not colorful but very eye catching and fun.
    To test the change, download the free game on the Google Play Store now.
    03-08-2017 01:13 AM

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