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    Cornerball Jam Vol.2!!!


    I am hosting a competition on my game Cornerball, which is free on Play Store.
    Cornerball is an endless arcade tapping game, where you have to time your taps.
    Overtime the ball gets faster and faster.

    The competition will end on 1.04.2017 at 17:00 EET.
    I will check the winners immediately so results/prizes should be ready before 20:00EET.
    Rules are simple:

    -Try to get the most points on the global scoreboard during this time.
    -You have to play with a Google account so that you can use the Google Play Services scoreboard in my game.
    -Submit your score with a screenshot from the scoreboard so I can clearly see that you own that account. Or in anyway where I can easily see that the score is truly from you and it is legit.
    -I won't accept any submissions after 1.4 17:00 EET.
    -Submissions should be sent to simadeveloper@gmail.com
    -Title the email as "Cornerball Competition"

    Now for the prizes :rolleyes:

    RollerCoaster Tycoon: Deluxe
    BiT Evolution
    Goat Simulator
    The Stanley Parable

    1st place gets to choose first. Then 2nd and then 3rd. Rest will be randomly given away among the participants.

    Anyone who gets a score over 45 will get to choose a free game unless I run out of games (I have around 100 games to give as prizes)
    I'm currently at the top with 44 points so it's easily doable!
    If you get over 45 points, you should contact me immediately with proof so that you get a game before I run out.
    Only 1 bonus game per participant! It is okay if you submit scores multiple times during this time.
    So if you get 50 points today, make sure to send an email immediately to secure the bonus game. Then if you get a better score, just send a new email and I'll update your score
    So lets say someone gets 60 points and comes 1st in the competition, he will get the 1st prize + a bonus game if he submits a score over 45 before I run out of bonus games.

    I will update an link for a list of the bonus games here soon if needed. For example the list includes: Mushroom 11, Guacameelee!, No Time to Explain and many more (around 100 different games)!

    You don't necessarily have to be from this forum so you can tip your friends to join also! But it's recommended as it is easier to ask about the competition here or just talk about this.

    All prizes are Steam keys!

    Another link to the Play Store: Cornerball

    So go install the game and start playing as the competition starts now!

    If there are any questions please comment here or send an email!
    Also if you like the game, make sure to leave an review

    -Misa Ristolainen, Simadev

    PS. I would be happy to provide proof for admins about who I am, do I own the game and of course about the prizes.
    03-25-2017 07:16 AM

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