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    Something for really small children.

    Sophie's Discoveries teaches small children how the basic touch gesture works and tickles their curiosity to find out what happens when they touch different buttons. The app improves the child's hand-eye coordination in a fun way.

    If your child is constantly tying to grab your Android phone from you and you worry what he or she might mess up your email, put Sophie's Discoveries on it and make it your child's favorite first Android app.

    Sophie's Discoveries is designed to be one of the first apps that a small child, around 2 years old or so comes in contact with on an Android phone.

    You will both benefit--your child will have something to play with that's right for his or her age and you will no longer worry about the little hands messing up your appointments.

    If you are looking for an app that will not frustrate your child, Sophie's Discoveries will help.

    The app is rated 4+, but it is designed for children 2+ years old.

    Like other apps in the Sophie's series, Sophie's Discoveries was throughly tested by its target audience, in this case 2-year-olds. It features custom artwork by a profesional artist specializing in illustrating children's books, high-resolution pictures, and cinematic sound effects. Like all of our apps for small children, this one too was consulted with a psychologist specializing in child development.

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    Have fun!
    04-20-2011 01:53 AM