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    Hey there guys, just wanted to shed some light on our upcoming game Shadowgun Legends as the release date draws closer.

    Shadowgun Legends is a complete and feature-packed FPS/RPG shooter that enjoys the depth of a AAA console title, whilst borrowing online elements from MMO’s gentre.

    Between exploring distant worlds, teaming up with guild mates to battle raid bosses unleashing some of the 300+ instruments of destruction, choosing how to spec their character with a choice of over 50 skills to pick, finding the best loadout to enthrall and amaze with over a 1000 armours and cosmetics to choose from, or competing to be best in PVP there is something for everybody. Gamers are be encouraged to customise their character, becoming the LEGEND they want to be.

    For more information, visit Shadowgun Legends | MADFINGER Games

    MADFINGER Games is a world-level player and dominant force in multimedia entertainment, focusing on mobile platforms. Founded in 2009, MADFINGER’S apps quickly shot to the top of the charts in sales and achieved #1 game spot in more than 100 countries. Since then, MADFINGER´s Games have been downloaded more than 160 million times. As a result of this success, the company has grown to over 90 employees and is currently looking for experienced developers, artists, designers, and so on to bring players the ultimate gaming experience on mobile platforms.
    This is the latest released gameplay video (more recent ones are soon to follow):

    We are also hosting a bi-weekly show on Twitch and Youtube where our devs talk about features that will be present in the game as well as the development process itself. We are also showing a new footage from the game. The first episode of the show aired two weeks ago and you can check the VOD below:

    Tommorow (30.3.2017) at 4 pm CEST we will be LIVE streaming the second episode which is dedicated to level and lore design. If you are interested you can watch it on TWITCH or on YOUTUBE

    Thank you for your support guys and hopefully see you around!
    03-29-2017 08:27 AM

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