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    Bhop is an exploit of a very popular bug in games based on source engine. Bhop allows a player to exceed the game-defined speed limit. It has created entirely new methods of play and allows very exciting, fast-paced emergent gameplay. As a decidedly skill-based mechanic, competitive players love bhopping because it is so hard to master. This application gives such an opportunity although slightly simplified.


    Moving to beta test, features list will growing bigger.

    Current version a1.2:
    - Basic gameplay features.
    - One map (Level Begginer)
    - Achievements. Connected via GPS and you not able to lose your scores
    - Leaderboards. Per map one leaderboard.
    - First person hands and gut knife.
    - First person hands animations. Idle, inspect, cut, 2x cut
    - Third person model.
    - UNET based network. (I didn't test it on android device yet but it works fine on my local pc)
    - Settings you can setup graphics for you device.
    - Inventory (Disabled for testing)
    - Rank system (Very early not implemented).
    - You can disable Ads (Not Free) (In alpha test i highly don't recommend you to buy it).
    - Ads.

    - Migrate network system (Currently network based on UNET but i think i should change it to PUN. The reason that some routers block NAT and you can play only in WLAN network)
    - I gonna make more knifes and you will able to select them from main menu inventory. Knifes will have different skins and maybe condition (Gloves also in my plans) Maybe in far fututre you will able to change player model
    - In game currency. You must to play to earn money. When you get enough money you can spend them to open case. Open Case is second in my TODO list.
    - Original game without addons and DLC will contain about 20 different maps.
    - DLC & Addons will contain new levels and have a price. You must buy them. (They will work like a csgo operations but don't disappear after operation ends)
    - Music in game. Sounds like button click, falldown and etc.
    - Optimization bug fix and etc.
    - Grammatically correct the knowledge of English.

    Google Play (free)

    If you have question you can write here but i recommend to write on my mail kamaentertainmentstudio@gmail.com . I will 100% reply.

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    04-19-2017 04:45 AM

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