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    2 Player Timetapper [MULTIPLAYER] [FREE]-unnamed6.png

    Beat your friends in this local multiplayer party game - played on one device!

    This Head-to-head (split-screen) game comes with clean and intuitive 2D graphics and is free to play. In this 2 player game multiple players, friends, enemies or seat neighbors can compete each other and battle for the highest score. Online multiplayer features are not available yet, but will be included in the future.

    2 Player Timetapper is great to use as party game, drinking game or any fun e.g. at school breaks. You don’t even need network connection to start playing, only another person.

    When both players are ready, you start the game by hitting the new game button and you’ll see the pretty gaming screen. Both players sit opposite each other. Once the round and starting notices are gone, game starts. You’ll see a battery, which holds each players energy level (starting with an empty battery - zero energy level). Besides this battery are the tap-fields, with which the points are collected and added to your score. Touch and hold the battery to load energy. If energy is loaded, press the tap fields alternately to collect points. Loading the battery and touch the tap fields at same time is not possible. In that each round has a different duration, you’ll need good reactions and a good feel how long a round could go together with strategic thinking to not unnecessary load your battery to long.

    Because of this versatile gameplay, different skills are required - such as fast reactions, good coordination, handiness and possibly a new strategy for each round - like you know it from 2 player reactor games.

    ✓ Challenge your friends
    ✓ Local Multiplayer (Split-Screen)
    ✓ Playable on one device
    ✓ Stylistic 2D graphics
    ✓ Customizable
    ✓ Free to play
    ✓ Zero in-app-purchases
    ✓ Game rules integrated

    Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...yer_timetapper
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/timetappergame/

    2 Player Timetapper [MULTIPLAYER] [FREE]-unnamed1.png
    2 Player Timetapper [MULTIPLAYER] [FREE]-unnamed2.png
    2 Player Timetapper [MULTIPLAYER] [FREE]-unnamed3.png
    2 Player Timetapper [MULTIPLAYER] [FREE]-unnamed4.png
    2 Player Timetapper [MULTIPLAYER] [FREE]-unnamed5.png
    04-19-2017 07:27 AM

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