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    [NEW][FREE][4.4+] Maze-kmbxxwh.png

    Maze is a simple arcade game where objective is to find the only correct path leading from the entrance to the opposite corner exit. In the game is available 5 different competitions, 2 types of controls and lots of bonuses called "Power Ups". All of the above makes that Maze is not only a simple arcade game, but a combination of arcade game, board game, logical and strategic game. Everything is set in a simple, classic and user-friendly graphical interface.

    Link to game in Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...ware.labyrinth

    Promo Video on YT:

    Control in the Labyrinth takes place in two ways:
    • Control via joystick based on clicking and moving finger on the virtual joystick, thus determining the direction of ball's movement. User determines the size and position of the joystick on the board that make the control system is fully adapted to the needs of the player, both right and left handed.
    • Control via the accelerometer based on physically tilting the device so that the ball rolled like on the surface. The accelerometer is fully customizable, the user decides on the angle at which the ball will not move, with a sensitivity at which the ball begins to roll and reaches a maximum speed. This allows user to play game sitting or lying.

    In the Maze is available 5 different Game Types (with 2 unique types, unusual in other maze games):
    • "Classic maze" is the simplest game type, the aim of which is to find a way out of the maze.
    • "Time attack", the aim of the game is to find the exit as soon as possible, without exceeding the maximum allowed time.
    • "Race" is a race against 3 opponents. The player who first reaches the goal wins. The opponents are moving in the opposite direction, ie. from the finishing-line to the start.
    • UNIQUE "Random maze" in which every 10 seconds board is re-drawing (the only cells which stays untouched are maze's beginning and end).
    • UNIQUE "Random race" which is combination of "Race" and "Random maze". Race against 3 opponents, in which every 10 seconds board is re-drawing (the only cells which stays untouched are maze's beginning and end).

    If finding the correct path is to hard.. no problem. In Maze we have many "Power Ups" - in the other words, bonuses facilitating game - use them to overcome problems and solve all mazes:
    • Teleport
    • GPS
    • Point of interest
    • Increase speed
    • Slow down opponents
    • Randomize maze

    Daily Challenges.
    One-player gameplay is not a challenge for you? Try to face other players from around the world. Each day, there are 3 special challenges that allow you to test your skills against other players. The rule is simple: the fastest wins.
    In Daily Challenges no additional account is required.

    [NEW][FREE][4.4+] Maze-1yyl3bu.png
    [NEW][FREE][4.4+] Maze-7za5ar7.png
    [NEW][FREE][4.4+] Maze-s5rx39o.png
    [NEW][FREE][4.4+] Maze-7qqwik7.png
    [NEW][FREE][4.4+] Maze-ecwe78j.png
    [NEW][FREE][4.4+] Maze-4mkkemb.png
    [NEW][FREE][4.4+] Maze-5jgycvu.png
    [NEW][FREE][4.4+] Maze-i30krg3.png

    Requirement: Min Android version 4.4+

    This is my first android app, so it is hard to break through other games available on the market for years. I'm waiting for feedback and suggestions on how to improve the Maze.
    04-24-2017 10:06 AM
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    New version of Maze is available:
    - User may now choose starting corner for each board (in main and training game).
    05-10-2017 05:53 AM
  3. tayschreen's Avatar
    New version of Maze is available:
    - Added new joystick type - cross (available in joystick configuration view).
    - Ball max speed increased by 10%.
    - Better game refreshing (more FPS).
    - Prizes for best players in "Daily Challenges".
    06-14-2017 08:36 AM

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