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    ConnecToo is a game of logic, fast thinking and perception. Goal of game is to connect every two elements of same color. Not a problem, right? Well, the problem is, that lines you draw cannot cross each other, you are limited to grid and moreover you have time running fast.


    full version:


    03-04-2010 02:55 AM
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    03-09-2010 02:58 AM
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    - Connecting now happens 1 tile sooner (no need to cross the target block).
    - Notification upon touching base element, so you know when you started to draw new path.
    - Choose between "next level" and "extra time" when you loose a life.
    - Demo contains extra 2 levels from 4th difficulty to play, 1 from 5th, so total 15 levels.
    03-13-2010 08:31 AM
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    - Facebook integration allows you to submit earned points to your wall (Note that it is sometimes filtered from News Feed, so just add some comment to it and it will be visible also to your friends)
    - Also check highscore tables from Connectoo records app in Facebook.
    - 20 more levels were added.
    - Anti-cheat bug fixes thanks to Doug.
    04-01-2010 12:36 PM
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    I've released AD supported Free version of ConnecToo, called ConnecToo AD
    04-28-2010 12:49 PM
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    In the meantime version v1.4.0 was released, so check it out
    07-12-2010 04:59 PM
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    Did I mentioned that 1.6.0 brings Dutch translation?
    07-11-2011 03:54 AM
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    Hey folks. Today I released version 2.0.0, which brings new HD graphics and full Honeycomb support. So far changes are in full paid version only, expect them to show up in free version sometime next week
    09-25-2011 05:41 AM